A financial emergency can arrive any time, unannounced. Staying prepared for a sudden monetary blow isn’t always the most feasible thing to do when you have regular commitments to honor. To get you going in the rainy days, we bring to you a selection of loans that are cut to keep you well provided through a financial crunch. JD Credit, a first-rate moneylender Singapore offers loans for personal financial emergencies like debt consolidation, payment of medical dues, business requirements and even family vacations. Our goal at JD Credit is to keep you covered during your worst times so that the road seems a little less bumpy than it really is.

Types of Loans

To salve the financial bruises of thousands of our clients, we bring to them four different kinds of loans. Each of these is designed to meet a certain type of needs in variable situations.

  • Personal Loans: You want to apply for a personal loan for sundry reasons ranging from making small purchases to paying your medical bills, writing off a loan from a friend to planning a short vacation with family.
  • Payday Loans: Payday loans are specially cut out to pay for small and immediate expenses between paychecks. The scheme goes like this. You take a payday loan in the middle of the month and pay back in full with your next pay check.
  • Foreign Loans: Are you a foreigner in Singapore? Do not lose your night’s sleep on sore and tight finances. Apply for a foreign loan to make your life easy in Singapore. Repayment schemes are as flexible as with other kinds of loans.
  • Business Loans: The ultimate solution to your business crisis, business loans are short term loans offered to small business owners to meet small business requirements like buying machineries and securing new projects until the profits swell and you are able to pay back.

Click and Apply

Applying for a loan through us is easy and fast. Forget all about the pains and headaches of going through a convoluted process of loan application which is standard for any moneylender Singapore where you have to show everything from your passport to fingerprints, current assets to salary statement and what not. Our process, on the contrary is very transparent and easy. We have a very precise form that needs filling out.

  • Put in the Information: All we need is your name, contact number, NRIC and email address. We require no confidential data about you at this point.
  • Name the Amount: In the same form, fill out the loan amount category to let us know the sum of money you are looking to borrow. Type in the captcha and you are done.
  • Wait for Approval: We are a legal moneylender Singapore working to sort your monetary situation with easy solutions. We try to cut this step as short as possible so you don’t have to keep waiting longer than you must. Our agents go through your request and contact you. Some documents are exchanged at this stage for verification.
  • Fund Transfer as Soon as Tomorrow: Long as your loan is approved, it shouldn’t take more than one working day for the amount to show up in your account.

Benefits of Securing a Loan through Us

There are many incredible benefits of applying for a loan through us, a reputable legal moneylender Singapore. We are one of the very few lenders to offer the following all at once.

  • Customer Support all Throughout: With us, you are in good company. Any question you have, direct it to the JD Credit customer care. The reps are there for you 7 days a week, happy to answer your queries, look into your problem, if any and solve the issues right away.
  • Tools at Your Disposal: We have a very user-friendly website with a simple dashboard. Log in to stay updated on your account information.
  • Easy Approval: We do not make our clients go above and beyond to get a loan approved. We have a very simple and clear approval process with very few boxes to check. We have one of the shortest approval time in the town.

Talk to our reps directly for any questions that you may have about our services and policies.