asian couple taking a personal loan from a Singapore moneylender agent

Taking Personal Loan from a Legal Money Lender in Singapore

Are you one of those people who are always in need of cash? You have to pay your bills, but there is no money left for groceries or gas. This is the time when loans come into play. They offer an opportunity to get some quick cash so you can
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How to Apply for a Payday Loan in Singapore?

When we use the word “payday”, we often think of a time when we get paid and it is time to go out and have fun. However, for many people in Singapore who are struggling financially, payday also means they need to find some way to cover their bills or
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Best Personal Loan in Singapore: Qualifying and Applying

In view of the recent economic downturn, it has become more difficult for people to borrow money. Many banks are refusing loans or charging high-interest rates because they’re worried that the person will default on their loan. This is where personal loans come in handy! A personal loan is the
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Can You Get a Private Loan with No Income?

We all know that it is hard out there. There are not many jobs, and the ones you can find pay low wages. You need to be able to make enough money so that you can live a decent life, but if you don’t have a job, how can you
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Borrowing Loans from a Legal Moneylender in Singapore

If you need a quick loan to get you through an emergency, then the best place to turn is borrowing money from a legal moneylender. Legal moneylenders offer loans of different amounts and terms – some with more lenient conditions than others. In Singapore, for example, there are a few
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Legal Money Lender: How to Identify One

You’re in need of funds to pay off a debt, but you know that it’s best not to borrow money from friends or family. You may have heard that some people are using loan sharks and loan sharks are dangerous.   What can you do? Well, there is a legal option
a woman thinking if she should get a personal loan or line of credit

Personal Loan vs Line of Credit – Which is Better?

Amidst the present worldwide pandemic, lots of people are suffering financially. Some of the main stressors during this period are insecure jobs and finance. Having a family to support and financial obligations to upkeep can make it really difficult to make ends meet. Thankfully, some are entitled to the government’s
Signing housing documents

Mortgage Loan for Foreigners in Singapore

Living in Singapore and dream of owning your own home? Fret not; now, non-citizens can obtain a mortgage loan and secure their ideal home. It can be overwhelming when you intend to stay or work in a foreign country for a long term.  Especially when it comes to the loan
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How to Get Private Money Loans in Singapore

Money lending activities have long carried a negative stigma in Singapore, being portrayed as unwanted scenarios within local dramas and news. Yet, for the vast majority of loans made each day, these transactions have ended in a win-win situation. Indeed, both the money lender in Singapore and their client profit
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Is It Safe To Apply For A Personal Loan?

Today, we will be tackling one of the most commonly asked questions on the internet. Is it safe for you to apply for a personal loan in Singapore? Many beliefs about personal loans come from street hearsay, media dramas that dramatize the subject or childhood anecdotes. As such, your understanding about personal