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    Kind of in the middle of a cash stretch? Most people don’t feel comfortable turning to a friend or a member of the family in these cases, for the right reasons. That does not mean you have to put everything in your life on hold until the next payday.


    JD Credit is a licensed private money lender in Singapore, a premier money lending company that has a selection of best payday loan Singapore that can see you through the dry spell.

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    Online Payday Loan

    The prospect of payday loans in Singapore is often met with ungrounded anticipation. Payday loans online are nothing like the hefty loans that takes people years to pay.
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    These are small cash advances sought by people in times of monetary crisis to get through life until the next paycheck enters their account. It is usually small in amount allocated to meet small and immediate expenses. You could use your payday loan for anything ranging from buying a gift to paying the electricity bill. The reasons can be anything as long as it takes only a small amount of money to sort. JD Credit offers attractive payment schemes and interest rates to make payday loans in Singapore less of a liability and more of a benefit for you.

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    Best Payday Loan Singapore

    That’s how easy we make it for you. Just fill in the short form that appears on the top of our landing page and you are golden. Tell us about you by filling in your name, phone number in Singapore, email address  and NRIC. Select your loan amount and submit the form with a click. Our reps will contact you immediately and what will ensure a quick round of verification. Our agents will ask you some very quick and easy questions before they stamp your application for the online payday loans ‘Approved’ and transfer you the fund shortly.

    JD Credit is a legal money lending organization in Singapore, working with and respected by a long list of individual clients and businesses. Our aim is to keep the cash flowing so that your life is a little easier when times get tougher. Here are some reasons why you want to apply for JD Credit’s best payday loan in Singapore.

    Pocket-Friendly Interest Rates

    As for our loan repayment interest rates, they are among the lowest in Singapore. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Do your research and you will be happy with our rates.

    Flexible Repayment Modes

    Our borrowers’ convenience is highly valued, so we are very accommodating when it comes to working out a flexible payment scheme for you.

    No Hidden Costs

    We are legal lending organization that strongly believes in full transparency when it comes to payments and repayments. You will never find a hidden cost in our calculations. Everything is laid out bare for our clients, and our reps thoroughly inform things step-by-step.

    So, don’t let your life come to a stop if you find yourself in serious cash emergencies between paychecks because our cash advances are only a few clicks away.

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    What is a Payday Loan?

    A payday loan, also known as speedy cash, helps aid people in times of monetary crisis until your next paycheck arrives. This loan is often met with ungrounded anticipation, helping people to get out of financial emergencies, such as medical bills or outstanding bills that cannot hold off until the next paycheck.

    How is it different from a fast cash or personal loan?

    A payday loan is a short-term loan, usually due within a month, and as for a personal loan, the term typically lasts for two years. Therefore, payday loan comes with a comparatively higher interest rate as compared to other loans and is of a smaller amount.

    Am I eligible to apply for a Payday Loan from JD Credit?

    To be eligible for our payday loans, you have to be:
    1) 18 years of age and above,
    2) Working at least a part-time job,
    3) Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident status. If you are a foreigner, we will require your work permit or employment pass.

    Must I earn a minimum salary to qualify for a Payday Loan?

    There is no minimum salary requirement, however do note that the loan amount will be depending on your salary, along with other financial documents that you may provide us with.

    What is the schedule like for loan repayment?

    We provide a variety of repayment plans, such as weekly, bi-weekly and monthly installment plans. During the payday loan application, kindly state your preferred repayment plans.

    What information do I provide for a Payday Loan application?

    To apply, we will require you to fill in a short form, providing us with your name, phone number, email address and NRIC.

    What is the maximum loan amount that I may take?

    The loan amount we grant under the payday loan is subjected to your income proof and if you have any outstanding loan. When taking out a payday loan, you should consider if your current earnings and expenses are sufficient.

    What is the maximum loan tenure that I may apply for?

    JD Credit does not impose a maximum loan tenure – we are open to discussion and working out a plan that can be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

    Can I make early repayment for my Payday Loan?

    JD Credit accepts early repayment for our payday loans. We even offer interest rebates, so you can enjoy more interest savings when you settle earlier.

    How do I refinance my Payday Loan?

    You may refinance your loans with us. We also provide debt consolidation of our clients’ other personal loans.

    May I take another loan with JD Credit?

    You may take another loan after one month upon receiving your payday loan approval.